The Pickle

COVID-19 response

The Pickle’s COVID-19 response – our first priority, as we move forward is to keep everyone safe. We will continue to follow all guidance from the CDC, local, state, and federal health authorities regarding the Corona virus. The last five health department inspections for The Pickle and our commissary have all been 100%. As always, we will continue to be diligent in our cleaning and sanitizing of all service areas and equipment, and anything that has potential to come in contact with our guests. Also we will be constantly monitoring the health of all employees and sending anyone with any symptoms home to recover.

Here is a short list of food truck benefits in the current environment.

Food trucks are inspected just like restaurants and have all the same health codes to follow.

We use disposable containers and don’t have multiple use silverware and dishes.

We are open air so you aren’t breathing recirculated air from a/c units

Food trucks run with a small amount of staff so this limits exposure.

We wear gloves at all times when preparing food and touching money. We are taking extra precautions to keep all surfaces clean and sanitized!